Yunnan Lucky Air airline to open flight route from Kunming to Chiang Mai from July

[InKunming--Sister CitiesA new flight route from Kunming to Chiang Mai is to be opened from July 1st, Yunnan Lucky Air Airline announced on a news conference on June 5th, being the fifth destination in Thailand by the airline.

Until now, the airline has operated 4 flights that start from Kunming and end in Thailand. The flight routes respectively are Kunming to Bangkok, Kunming to Koh Samui, Kunming to Phuket and Kunming to Krabi. 

Kunming to Chiang Mai two-way flights, with fixed flight No. 8L809/10, are to be carried out at Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday from July, according to the airline. 

Kunming to Chiang Mai flight(Flight No. 8L809) will depart from Kunming at 12:25 and arrives in Thailand at 13:05, while Chiangmai to Kunming flight(Flight No. 8L810) will leave from Chiang Mai at 14:05 and arrive in Kunming at 16:30.

It is predicted that a peak tourism season will come soon in July for most of Yunnan students are about to welcome their summer vacation. At the time, Yunnan Lucky Air airline plans to offer preferential prices to the Kunming-Chiang Mai flight route. 

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(Editors: Cathy Chen, Rachel)


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